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Sensible Living for a Lifetime….

An Annual Conference Dedicated to Empowering, Equipping, and Preparing Girls for Excellence.

Sensible Women Initiative (SWI) is a not-for-profit agency which serves girls and young women aged 5-25 whose lives are challenged by poverty and the social ills that leave them disadvantaged, but not to be counted out. Through scholarships, mentoring, and connections to resources, SWI assists young women in achieving excellence in school, preparation for higher learning, development of work readiness skills, as well as holistic well-being choices.

Lastly, SWI assists its participants in the overall mastery of basic life skills, which at the core, is the cultivation of sensible thinking that SWI believes is the foundation for making healthy life choices. Through our annual conference we bring together our participants, aged 15-25 and other girls and women from across communities throughout the US, where we have an established presence or are targeting to start an SWI Chapter. This three-day conference focuses on the development of our young ladies in an inter-generational environment, allowing older women to teach the younger women and for young women to inform our understanding of what youth today must manage in order to navigate 21st century social systems to survive. Our objective is to provide them with the knowledge and skillset to thrive and achieve excellence. The 2020 SWI Annual Conference will focus on mental health and other wellness issues like “Being Financially Fit,” “Getting Suited for Employment,” “Pathways to Entrepreneurship,” Developing Emotional Competency for 2020 Vision,” “Understanding, Managing and Moving Past Our Trauma,” and “Rising Above…Empowering Excellence.”

Participants will be engaged by some women with similar backgrounds who overcame the odds to become successful. Their life stories and interaction with the attendees will serve as role models and models of what is possible. Attendees will develop and enhance interpersonal skills and other concrete skills critical to accomplishing next-level success. Thriving despite our traumatic life experiences will be at the core of shared learning at this conference. Attendees will leave with new skillsets to manage their social-emotional stressors that impact all facets of their life, contributing to their stagnation and failure to achieve excellence.

Celebrating and Rewarding Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Each year at the SWI Conference, we induct new members and celebrate those who have made tremendous gains in managing their life challenges using “sensible” problem solving skills, resources, and acquired knowledge to achieve excellence in various areas of their life.

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