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Sensible Women Initiative, Inc. – Hall of Fame Nominees


The Sensible Women Initiative stands on the foundation laid by many great women who have borne the test of time and trouble. They started their journey as diamonds, beautiful and full of promise but needing polish to really make them shine. They became violets, blossoming into their true beauty but still needing nourishment to thrive and grow. They changed into butterflies, polished and nourished with a rich texture and design, ready to take wings and fly at any given time.

And they have flown! With a devotion to the Creator, a strong sense of self-worth, a packet full of preparation, and a heart for human-kind, they have made their mark in this world of clouds and sunshine. Perhaps, one laid down a marker as being the first in the family to earn a college degree. Perhaps, one started a school to help children be all they can be. Perhaps, one raised a family with love, understanding, and stability. Their accomplishments know no bounds, for they have lived their lives quite sensibly.

To honor great women of yesterday and today, we have established The Sensible Women Hall of Fame, which honors women ages fifty or above or posthumously.

If you wish to know more about the SWI Hall of Fame – the nominating criteria, nominating process, induction ceremony – please contact me at president.swi@gmail.com.

Dr. Lovely Ann Thornton

Sensible Women Initiative, Inc. Founder and President

Mrs. Marilyn Marie Hervey was an effective educator (Biologist) and musician.  In addition to her ability to educate and infuse hope and a sense of pride in others, Marilyn’s main focus was her two girls.  She used her talent, wisdom, and understanding to create a home environment others were constantly drawn to.  She always displayed a can-do attitude when others had a tendency to give up.  Marilyn was a tenacious virtuous woman  who  stood   by her  husband’s  (Huey  P.  Hervey)  side  for 41 years.  Together, they taught and baptized over 3,000 individuals.  Marilyn counseled countless young ladies (including her two daughters) and encouraged them to follow her example. 

Mrs. Marilyn Marie Hervey

(Kansas City, KA, 1940-2009)

Mrs. McClary left a legacy of hope.  She loved God, her husband of 62 years (Mr. Cecil McClary, Sr.) and her family.  Margaret was truly the epitome of humility.  Her selfless nature exemplified the essence of love and the example of sensibleness.  She invested in people.  In addition to raising her eight children, she raised numerous other children.  She also opened her home to countless people who migrated from the South during the Civil Rights Movement.  Her trust in God and ability to stand positively in the midst of a storm separated her from her peers.  Margaret believed that a good reputation is worth more than silver and gold.

Mrs. Margaret Felder McClary

(Rochester, NY, 1924-2006)

Mrs. Scott was greatly influenced by the life of Margaret Felder McClary.  Zollar was married to her husband George for 32 years.  Her meek and quiet disposition had the tendency of inspiring others to greater heights.  Even though she was taken from us at the tender age of 54, her lifestyle still shines as a beacon light illuminating a path worthy of emulating.  The impact of her sagacity is seen in her six children.  Those who knew her will  attest to  the fact  that she  believed in God, family, and the power of love and forgiveness. She was a peacemaker, and she love encouraging others to consider sensible options in times of disappointment and anguish. 

Mrs. Zollar Mae Scott

(Rochester, NY, 1939-1993)