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Sensible Living for a Lifetime . . .

“Rising . . . . . . . . . . Above”


SWI’s 2018 Conference was held in Alexandria, Virginia on July 13-15 at the Hampton Inn and Lee Community Center. It too was a great success! Our theme was “Rising Above!” Four students from Towson University were inducted into the Beta Chapter. During this conference, SWI launched its Mental Health Initiative. Our Director of Mental Health, Dr. Valerie Oji, is a pharmacist, a mental health expert, and a former Harding University Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy. Dr. Oji provided training and gathered information that will assist her in exploring and identifying key mental health service needs and barriers to seeking mental health services. This is an ongoing effort that will be addressed each year.

“Rising Above: Breaking Barriers”


Assisting young ladies in developing a sensible mental wherewithal is a notable endeavor. However, the key is consistency and availability. SWI will continue to serve as a conduit from which our young ladies can thrive. Our 7th Annual Conference, held on July 12-14, 2019, in Savannah, Georgia, was another step in the right direction. Mary McNeil, SWI Chaplain and 2nd Vice President and her daughter, SWI Director Danyel Hall, gave SWI a hearty welcome to Savannah and served as the hostesses for conference. Zandra Young, former United States Army Combat Medic now SWI Director, was our keynote speaker. To say the least, she did an outstanding job! Director Young challenged us to stay the course and continue to assist young ladies in becoming a catalyst for social change. Also, during this conference, Dr. Wiletha Williams, a champion of natural scientific living, introduced SWI to Seven Health Destroyers, Seven Pillars of Health, Support for Common Challenges, along with other holistic approaches to wellness.