Eta Chapter.

Sensible Living for a Lifetime . . .

New Jersey Eta Chapter


Diamonds and Violets (ages 5-17)


Chapter Coordinators: Amanda Stafford and Iris Polk-KuKu


Because of the current Pandemic, the weekly meetings of the Eta Chapter are conducted virtually.  Regardless of the circumstances, Eta members are still learning from the SWI Curriculum and moving towards their personal development and relationship building.


Below are snapshots of some of the Eta members.


Eta Chapter Celebrates End-of-the-Year


Sparkle is a member of the New Jersey Eta Diamond Chapter.  She is also a Style Blogger/Influencer and “Kidpreneur” or “Kid Influencer” in the fashion world.  At seven years old, she already has a lucrative business.  You can find out more about her at this link: About Sparkle — Call Me Sparkle.