Sensible Living for a Lifetime . . .

COLLEGE AND COMMUNITY CHAPTERS will be used to render the services of the Sensible Women Initiative, Inc. (SWI). These chapters will be located at designated college, in specific neighborhoods, in specific sections of a town or city, or area-wide. There can be more than one chapter in a given state.

Chapters will be assisted and supervised by Regional Vice Presidents who will be responsible for the appropriate operation of chapters within a specified area of the country. These officials will stay in contact with chapters throughout the fiscal year via various means of communication and periodic site visits.

A chapter may consist of coordinators, advisors, officers, adult volunteers, and female participants ages 5-25 years old. Each chapter operates under a charter issued by the Sensible Women Initiative, Inc. and is governed by the expressed rules and regulations of this organization.

A “Chapter Start-up Kit” is available to each chapter to help it begin its operation. This kit will include among other materials the SWI Chapter Charter and Management Manual.

To provide their chapter participants with more appropriate services, each chapter has the option of organizing participants into smaller groups as shown in the diagram to the right.


Diamond Group (Ages 5-11)                 

They are beautiful and full of promise, but it will take some polishing to really make them shine.


Violet Group (Ages 12-17)

They are blossoming and their true beauty is bursting forth, but if they don’t continue to get the right nourishment, they could wilt on the vine.                                                                                   


Butterfly Group (Ages 18-25)

They have been polished and nourished and have not cracked or faded away. In fact, they are beautiful with a rich texture and design. Any day, they will be ready to take wings and fly.

To be in SWI compliance, a chapter does not have to service each age-group listed above. Depending on the level of interest, specific needs, and available resources, a chapter may provide services for one or more age-groups.