About us.

Sensible Living for a Lifetime . . .

Our Vision

Sensible Living for a Lifetime

Our Mission

We will reach out to and lift up young ladies, utilizing our talents and skills to assist them in their preparation for successful lives.

Our Goals
1.  Making a positive impact on the growth and development of young ladies as they become caring, successful, and sensible adults.

2.  Guiding young ladies to make sensible choices that will be beneficial to themselves and others 
around them.

3.  Providing a sensible safety net for young ladies as they face the many challenges of life and take 
on the responsibilities of adulthood.

Personal Development Objectives

– To lead young ladies to a better understanding of the female developmental stages
​- To provide young ladies insights and possible solutions to potential pitfalls
​- To inspire young ladies to examine themselves and to develop specific plans for self-improvement
​- To expose young ladies to great role models and motivate them to also be role models worth emulating
​- To encourage young ladies to participate in activities that promote self-esteem and emotional healing
​- To support young ladies’ attainment of a good education and meaningful career (and/or job)
​- To guide young ladies in developing the attributes that prepare them for marriage and motherhood
​- To help young ladies acquire the knowledge, skills, and practices that lead to financial stability
​- To teach young ladies to value themselves, their talents and skills, and their opportunities for excellence
​- To educate young ladies about various health issues and to assist them in securing good health services

Relationship Building Objectives

– To encourage young ladies to become sister’s keepers and trusted friends
​- To explore with young ladies the unique relationship between daughters and individual family members 
​- To aid young ladies in forming positive inter-generational relationships that support good communication
​- To impress upon young ladies the importance of building strong bonds of family unity, love, and respect
​- To help young ladies develop conflict resolution skills that support a peaceful settlement of disputes
​- To make young ladies more aware of how their words, behaviors, and mannerisms affect others
​- To remind young ladies of the acceptable norms for interacting with family, friends, elders, and others
​- To give young ladies guidelines for determining when a relationship has become abusive
​- To provide helpful recommendations to young ladies who find themselves in an abusive relationship
​- To enlighten young ladies about the relationship problems that are facilitated by digital communication

Crisis Intervention & Networking Objectives

To provide young ladies who are victims of domestic violence with financial and moral support
​- To assist young ladies who have made mistakes and are seriously trying to live better lives  
​- To refer young ladies to partners, agencies, and organizations dedicated to women’s health and stability​