Our Logo.

Sensible Living for a Lifetime . . .  

Sensible Women Initiative, Inc.


Our logo represents the journey our participating young ladies will take.  They may come to us as diamonds in the rough; but through our program, they will emerge as beautiful butterflies ready to spread their wings and fly.

The elements in the organization’s logo are richly symbolic:

    • The color, purple, is often connected to wealth, royalty, luxury, power, dignity, pride, and elegance.  [In the SWI logo, purple also represents the violet (flower) stage of SWI Chapter Member development.]
    • The female silhouette represents young ladies in general who are uniquely contoured, graceful, strong, bold, determined, and mysterious.
    • Diamonds typically represent hidden and revealed beauty, uniqueness, sparkle, light, brilliance, promise, love, wealth, elegance, and endurance.
    • Butterflies are seen by many as symbols of transformation, perfection, colorfulness, beauty, grace, and freedom.

Overall, the SWI logo presents an inspirational vision of strength, perseverance, beauty, and transcendence.

SWI’s young ladies are affectionately referred to as diamonds that will increase in brilliance as they proceed through their violet and butterfly stages of development.  The diamond, that is strategically placed above the silhouette’s head and between her outstretched arms, exemplifies the starting point for our young ladies, a starting point which challenges them but one they bravely embrace.  The silhouette itself portrays the ability of our young ladies to move through the midst of a storm (personal problems, etc.) and come out on the other side.  The purple butterfly wings that are attached to the silhouette reveal the beautiful, symbolic transformation that our young ladies have undergone as they reach a point of self-actualization, success, and sensibleness.

The SWI Chapter Groups relate to the SWI logo as follows:

    1. Diamond Group (ages 5-11): They are beautiful and full of promise, but it will take some polishing to really make them shine.
    2. Violet Group (ages 12-17): They are blossoming and their true beauty is bursting forth, but if they don’t continue to get the right nourishment, they could wilt on the vine.
    3. Butterfly Group (ages 18-25): They have been polished and nourished and have not cracked or faded away. In fact, they are beautiful with a rich texture and design. Any day, they will be ready to take wings and fly.